Barbarus..est sermo fere omnis preter Latinum
"Latin is just about the only civilised language" wrote a schoolmaster in the 15th Century

Problems with Latin translation?

Do you have a Latin text for which you need a translation?

Then you need Oxford Latin to help you with your Latin translation. We can deal with a word, phrase, passage or document from whatever period - classical, medieval or more recent. If you do not know where your Latin text comes from perhaps we can help you identify it, or if you have a passage of Latin that is to be published in a journal, dissertation or book, we will check it for accuracy so that you can be confident you are publishing a quality product.

We specialise in providing translations from Latin into English of historical documents and original texts on such differing subjects as medieval history, family history, art history, Christian theology and church history, science and medicine. For example we have recently translated:

  • synodal statutes of the 13th Century from the Diocese of Exeter
  • a 13th Century Will
  • texts about early 14th Century Scottish history
  • a text from Tudor wall panels in Chichester Cathedral
  • a 16th Century defence of the teachings of Avicenna
  • a number of scholarly articles from the early 19th Century on medical attitudes to homosexuality

Such work is usually done for individuals who are doing some form of research as a hobby or as part of an academic project but we have also provided translations for:

  • the BBC
  • HM Prison Service
  • a daily newspaper
  • businesses wanting a motto or logo in Latin
  • those wishing to find the meaning of
    • the motto of a football club
    • an inscription found on a family heirloom
    • a family motto
    • a tattoo

We also provide translation of Latin certificates and diplomas, providing a particularly rapid service for such requests where necessary, but no request is too insignificant for us - we offer help in translating, identifying or verifying the accuracy of any Latin phrase that you are intrigued by or need to use.

Oxford Latin’s translation service is more accurate than any translation provided by online computer programmes or downloadable translation software because such services translate word by word and cannot take into account Latin’s complex grammar and word order. What they produce then has itself to be translated from gobbledygook into English.

Latin translation - identification - verification

We can deal with a word, phrase, passage or document from whatever period

Extract of illustrated manuscript taken from the Bible of Saint Louis


Illustrated manuscript taken from a
near-original reproduction of the
Bible of Saint Louis
(M. Moleiro editor (source))

A selection of titles
published by Carolinne White,
Director of Oxford Latin
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Lives of Roman Christian Women by Carolinne White The Rule of St. Benedict by Carolinne White
Early Christian Lives by Carolinne White Christian Friendship in the Fourth Century by Carolinne White
The Confessions of St. Augustine by Carolinne White Early Christian Latin Poets by Carolinne White


Scorpio blanditur vultu, pars postera pungit
A scorpion presents an attractive face but its back part stings
Qualis vir, talis oratio
The way a man talks reveals his character